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Vision & Values

Our Core Values

Learn – to foster a drive to learn

Achieve – to enable our students to achieve beyond what they think possible

Empower – to ensure our students have the confidence and self-belief to make ambitious choices, to step into the world as emboldened young people with a strong sense of place, purpose and their own value.

The William Morris Ethos

William Morris is a vibrant, ambitious and creative learning community which inspires a drive to learn. Inclusive in approach, we invest in all of our students to give them the best learning experiences, opportunities and aspirations. We invest in our staff to give them the proper professional support, inspiration and career development.

Comprehensive in approach, through rigorous teaching, learning and assessment we ensure that no student is left behind and that every student has an equal opportunity to uncover and fulfil their potential, and achieve. Our students are provided with the practical, critical and analytical skills that they can apply as they progress through life, together with a confidence and resilience that will enable them to succeed.

We empower our young people to aim high, to have a strong sense of their own self-worth and shared values, whilst also having a strong sense of the value of community both locally and globally and their potential to make a positive difference to the world around them

Our Vision

  • Create a culture of community, tolerance and aspiration which celebrates diversity and equality and inspires a drive to learn. We also aim to deliver a broad curriculum which embraces technology and empowers students to achieve their potential and make aspirational choices
  • Provide clear and dedicated pathways which enable students to make meaningful progression within the institution, through traineeships, and work, and beyond
  • Promote and support aspirations through advantageous university choices and quality apprenticeship progression routes which observe the needs of individual students
  • Ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in relevant and rewarding experiences which help them progress
  • Work with external partners to inspire students, broaden their knowledge of opportunities, create experiences and transform all our students into members of the global community

Our Guiding Principles

  • To have high expectations of all our young people
  • To develop strong and trusting relationships between students and staff
  • To deliver a pathways curriculum that meets the ambitions of our students and the needs of the local community
  • To provide exceptional wrap around support which enables students to safely focus on learning and progression
  • To be comprehensive and inclusive, striving for equity in all we do.

From Left to Right: The Leadership Team Kate Mitchell – Vice Principal, Pia Khan – Assistant Principal, Anthony Evans – Assistant Principal, Mary Berrisford – Principal, Maurice Harnett – Vice Principal, Julia Brown – Assistant Principal.