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The Library is right at the heart of William Morris Sixth Form. 

Based on just over half of the first floor of the Main Building the service has evolved to reflect changes in education while promoting the school’s tradition of ‘inclusive excellence. 

We passionately believe that libraries should reflect the needs and interests of their community and should be flexible and actively support formal and informal learning and reading for pleasure.

‘They always provide the right information and they help you out when you ask for it.’ – WMSF student

Our Facilities

  • The Library is zoned into comfortable group, collaborative and independent study areas, where our users have access to:
  • A friendly, professional team consisting of a librarian and two library facilitators
  • 52 study places
  • 2 PCs for printing and 11 iPad’s
  • Over 25,000 resources, including books, articles, maps, and posters
  • Departmental textbook collections
  • Journals
  • A huge online library of e-books, e-journals, and reference resources
  • Printing, photocopying, and scanning

‘The Library is excellent!’ – WMSF student

Supporting Formalised Learning

The team plays a key role in developing students’ information and wider academic skills through induction, formal and informal instruction, and creating Google Classroom resources such as reading lists.  Our team also contributes heavily to supporting the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).  Equivalent to half an A-level (at A2) the EPQ involves students creating a research project that will develop their critical reasoning and analysis, intellectual rigor, and independence – skills that are invaluable in preparation for university and the world of work.

Supporting Wider Reading

We also seek to promote literacy through wider reading initiatives and enrichment activities that have included writing, book, and film clubs.

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Lucia, Harold and Fiona
Library Team