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At WMSF we have high expectations of our students; we expect them to have excellent attendance, behaviour and engagement. We want our students to be happy and successful, and have the best experience possible, making good choices and achieving their potential. We want to work with the parents/carers of our students to ensure that each young person is well supported, both in their educational endeavours and personally/socially. We want to keep parents/carers apprised of the attendance, progress and sixth form experience of the young person in their care and therefore we encourage all parents/carers to sign up to use our attendance and behaviour app Edulink and keep in touch with the young person in their care’s tutor regularly.

We arrange a number of parents evenings/events throughout the year for parents/carers to speak to teachers and tutors. There is a meet the tutor event right at the start of each year to encourage dialogue between the tutor and parents/carers. We publish a regular newsletter (accessed via Edulink and on the website) to keep parents/carers up-to-date with what’s happening around the sixth form. We encourage parents/carers to become involved in sixth form life – become a parent governor! 

Key ways to help the young person in your care at sixth form:

  • Ensure all appointments e.g. dentist, medical etc. are made outside of lesson time as far as possible.
  • Report any absences in a timely and accurate manner. Be cognisant of their attendance and punctuality. Do not book holidays during term time.
  • Keep abreast of the progress the young person in your care is making in each of their subjects – e.g. do you know what their target grade is and what grade they are currently working at?
  • Keep a dialogue open with their teachers and tutors, so you know what’s going on at sixth form.
  • Talk to the young person in your care about their ambitions and goals, and their plans for achieving those ambitions. Set realistic targets with them.