Term Dates


Autumn Term

Term starts:Thursday 25th August 2022
(Monday 29th August is the summer bank holiday)
Half term:Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October 2022 
Term ends: Friday 16th December 2022
Re-enrolment of existing L2 students (am) and enrolment of new students (pm) will commence Thursday 25th August

Spring Term

Term starts:Tuesday 3rd January 2023
Half term:Monday 13th February – Fri 17th February 2023
Term ends: Friday 31st March 2023

Summer Term

Term starts:Monday 17th April 2023
Half term:Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June 2023
Term ends: Thursday 13th Jul 2023

The equivalent of two staff training days will be held throughout the year in twilight sessions.