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Exam Access Arrangements

This year the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) have tightened up the rules for those who wish to receive exam access arrangements. The tests are more rigorous and we will need to show at least two different pieces of evidence to support the application. In order to qualify for 25% extra time, readers, or scribes, students will need to undergo two assessments by a qualified level 7 assessor.  This applies to all students, even if they were given extra time in their previous school. Whenever possible, the students should obtain the paperwork from their previous school, which would be a Form 8 and the application made to the JCQ.

The JCQ stipulate that the student may be given access arrangements if this is their normal way of working. Students can also be given extra time for BTEC exams and coursework.

Please note we do not do diagnostic tests for dyslexia or dyscalculia. These test cost upwards of £300 and would have to be arranged and paid for by the student or parent/carer.

If a student has a medical condition that has an impact on their speed of processing and has a supporting letter from a medical practitioner, an application can be made to the JCQ without the need for the student to be tested.

We can also arrange for a student to sit their exams in a separate room outside the main exam hall. Although not completely separate, the room is much smaller and is suitable for students who are suffering from anxiety or other medical conditions. Once the student has been referred to us, we will send out a questionnaire to all of their teachers (see below)

Students with an EHCP automatically receive 25% extra time during their exams

25% Extra time – 25% extra time will be added to the students exam time an exam lasting 1 hour will have 15 minutes added to it.

SR – Separate room – The student will have the exam in E block rather than in the big hall at the Town Hall.

BR – Breaks – The student may have supervised rest breaks during the exam. They will have a stop watch which will be paused while the student takes a break. During the break if the student remains in the exam room the student must turn their exam paper over and raise their hand when the break is over and the stop watch will start again.

SC – Scribe – The student will have a member of LLS writing for them during the exam, but this has to be their normal way of working.

RE- Reader – The student will have the exam questions read to them by a member of LLS staff. This is not allowed in English exams which tests the students reading ability.

PR- Prompt – The student will be prompted by a member of staff to move on to the next question.

WP- Word processor – The student will type their exam on a computer or laptop.